Candlepin VS Ten Pin Bowling

People who are relatively new to the world of bowling may find it quite difficult to differentiate between candlepin bowling and ten pin bowling. However, those who have been involved in these sports have probably noticed the subtle differences and why certain people favor one over the other. Below is a look at some of the things that can help you distinguish between these two variations of the sport.

The differences

In candlepin bowling, everyone is allowed to use the same ball. The balls are almost identical in size and color. This is different from ten pin which often has a number of different balls featuring varying sizes. Most people spend a lot of time trying to pick balls that are best suited for their hands.

Ten pin balls feature finger holes that allow users to get a better grip. This sometimes proves to be a disadvantage which is why some people opt to bring along their own balls. On the other hand, candlepin balls do not have holes meaning you do not get any advantage by coming along with your own ball.

In candlepin bowling, you do not have to wait for your ball to roll back before you take another shot. Once you have dispensed of the first ball you can go ahead and pick another from the rack and use it. Ten pin requires that you wait for the ball you have used to roll back before you take another shot.

Candlepin bowlers can roll up to three times in a single frame which allows them plenty of shots to get it right. Ten pin players get to roll a maximum of two times in a single frame. Some people find the latter more impressive because it allows for many rolls while others believe that the lesser the tries the better the competition.

In candlepin, you can hit pins and get a chance to go another round without having the downed pins cleared. In essence, the downed pins can be used to hit the rest on the line and still count. On the other hand, ten pin bowlers cannot take another shot until all downed pins are cleared from the area.

Tenpin bowlers are required to use balls that weigh 16 pounds and have a definite diameter regardless of the age or gender of the person that is about to play. The requirements are flexible when it comes to candlepin bowling which does not have a strict requirement regarding weight and diameter measurements.

How to become better at the sport

If you are new to the world of bowling the first thing you need to do is learn about the rules. By simply walking into any bowling center you can have access to unlimited information from the staff to the people engaging in the sports. Some people browse through online resources to obtain all the information they need to know regarding the rules and regulations that govern both candlepin and ten pin bowling.

Getting a friend or partner that is as enthusiastic as yourself about the game can be an added advantage. Such an individual will keep you company whenever you are going out to play. The two of you will motivate each other to become better at the sport. Engaging in regular practice is key to finding your grip and shot. The more times you participate in the sport the higher the chances are that you are going to become better.

If you are more interested in ten pin bowling you may want to consider getting your own balls. This is because you need something that fits your fingers precisely. The balls that are available at the bowling alley may not be suited for you and that can give an unfair advantage to your opponent.

Some people become stressed up whenever they are about to participate in a competitive sport and this can have a negative effect on your performance. Instead, think of it as a way of having fun rather than a contest in which you have to win. The key is for you to enjoy yourself as much as possible. It is equally important for you to enroll in competitions so that you can have the opportunity to test your skills against other people.